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02/05/18 MEMA respectfully requests the Town provide any information and documentation it believes to be r... Assessor's Office; Building Department; Conservation; Fire Department; Health Department; Office of Economic and Community Development; Planning Department; Town Manager's Office Patricia Cassady
02/17/17 Please e-mail a copy of the Brewster Ambulance Contract dated July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2017. Fire Department; Town Clerk's Office Lance Benjamino
03/22/17 I am requesting a copy of the Education Plan approved by the School Committee at the December 15,... School Department Ann Gagnon
02/09/17 This e-mail request is being sent to all cities and town. I am requesting the electronic voter fi... Town Clerk's Office Allison Ferreira
06/20/17 I'm interning with a Boston-based nonprofit called the Environmental Voter Project. We're a nonpa... Town Clerk's Office Allison Ferreira
06/21/17 Please send me the Town's Harassment Policy and subsequent Sexual Harassment Policy. Town Clerk's Office Allison Ferreira
03/20/17 I would like to request a few voter lists:  Current Registered Voter List 2016 Annual Town Elec... Town Clerk's Office Allison Ferreira
02/08/17 I am writing on behalf of the Novus Group, a political consulting firm, to request voter records.... Town Clerk's Office Allison Ferreira
07/05/17 I am writing to request voter records. Specifically, we are requesting three files: the voter ext... Town Clerk's Office Allison Ferreira
02/10/17 Provide last four (4) voter extracts for Annual Town Elections. Town Clerk's Office Allison Ferreira
02/17/17 what is 6 howland street being surveyed for Allison Ferreira
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